Representatives from government, civil society, science, academia and the private sector must work together. Together, we must mobilize existing and impending technology, financial and capacity building resources and engage in multi-stakeholder partnerships to accelerate progress in achieving the SDGs.

ICCA is committed to creating strong, inclusive, integrated partnerships at all levels that move the chemical industry from commitments to action.

ICCA collaborates with a range of stakeholders – from small and mid-sized chemical companies in emerging and developing economies, to non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations – to advance pressing chemicals management issues.

ICCA partners with UN Environment to strengthen value chain collaboration and catalyze action in support of achieving the SDGs.

ICCA shares best practices and information and conducts regional trainings to enhance environmental, health, safety and security practices. Since 2006, ICCA has worked with partners to host over 220 chemicals management capacity building projects in over 46 countries.