Economic growth, social development and climate action are heavily dependent on investments in infrastructure, sustainable industrial development and technological progress. ICCA is building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation.

Chemistry contributes to improved product durability, helping structures withstand both the elements and the test of time and reduce the need for replacements, as well as products and technologies that enhance energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Chemistry makes possible the technologies and materials needed for sustainable construction and urban mobility, including insulation, adhesives, sealants and lightweight materials.

Chemistry helps create environmentally friendly, sustainable living spaces. From exterior wall paints that reflect infrared light to reduce heat absorption and energy consumption, to smart interior lighting and cooling systems, chemistry helps create environmentally friendly, sustainable living spaces.

ICCA’s Building Technology Roadmap describes how the increased use of chemically-derived building products could help the residential and commercial buildings sectors achieve significant reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.