Building Capacity for Sound Chemicals Management

ICCA devotes significant resources to build capacity worldwide in support of continuous improvement in the safe management of chemicals.

A key component of our capacity building work is the expansion of Responsible Care to new geographies. ICCA also builds capacity by supporting trainings and workshops designed to help ICCA member associations, chemical companies and governments manage unique challenges associated with sound chemicals management and examine sustainable solutions. These efforts focus on:

  • Promoting awareness of and knowledge about chemical hazards;
  • Managing risks associated with manufacture and use of chemicals;and
  • Developing the necessary national infrastructure and capacities for regulatory and voluntary approaches to chemical management.

Capacity Building in Action

ICCA has supported capacity building activities around the world, to strengthen Responsible Care and sound management of chemicals.

Asia Pacific Region

The ASEAN Regulatory Cooperation Project (ARCP) held workshops focusing on GHS alignment, chemical inventory requirements, and risk assessment. The cooperative effort continues to help economies achieve their mandate of protecting human health and the environment without creating barriers to trade, and helps to facilitate sound chemicals management in the region.


We welcomed China, the world’s largest chemical manufacturer, to the Responsible Care family in 2014. ICCA has since continued to support focused capacity building activities in China and, going forward, will place particular emphasis on promoting broader Responsible Care implementation in China’s chemical parks. Through our partnership with UNEP, ICCA and UNEP hosted two high-level events on promoting the circular economy in China.


ICCA has partnered with the Indian Chemical Council (ICC) on a pilot project aimed at improving chemicals management in India. The project will include workshops on the benefits of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling, and focus on advancement of the Responsible Care program within India. The pilot will also build upon ICC’s Nicer Globe program, which promotes transportation safety by tracking vehicles carrying hazardous materials and providing emergency response resources along key transportation routes.


Building on its partnership with the UNEP, ICCA continues to make progress towards improving chemicals management and safety by expanding Responsible Care in Africa. Currently there are well-established Responsible Care associations in Egypt, Morocco and South Africa. In Kenya, ICCA is working closely with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and multinational companies to provide support and training to national companies about the benefits of Responsible Care. Through its partnership with UNEP, ICCA conducted a symposium on transport and storage of chemicals in Kenya that was held in June 2013.

Latin America

ICCA launched the Latin America Regulatory Cooperation Forum (LARCF), a collaborative initiative that promotes a dialogue between industry and governments in the region to achieve regulatory alignment, promoting risk-based regulations and transparent policy making processes. The Forum Works in virtual basis and brings together more than 100 industry members of the region. The Forum held its first workshop in Brazil in May 2018, and a second workshop, organized in partnership with UNEP, the Argentine government, and the Chamber of Industry Chemistry and Petrochemicals in Argentina (CIQyP), was held in November 2019 in Argentina.

Capacity Building Resources and Partnerships

Information on these topics is available to address the needs of both emerging and more developed economies.

ICCA has also developed a Regulatory Toolbox to promote greater understanding regarding assessment and use of chemicals and to encourage science and risk based regulations.

Through our partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) ICCA has conducted numerous capacity building events and projects, including a Latin America Regulatory Cooperation Workshop, a Circular Economy Symposium in China, and a symposium on safe transport and storage of chemicals in Kenya.

ICCA’s Global Regulatory Cooperation (GRC) Task Force promotes the establishment of regulatory environments that encourage free and open trade and investment while protecting human health, safety, the environment and security. Through regional capacity building programs, the GRC Task Force has helped advance regulatory cooperation in Asia, the Gulf, and Latin America.

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