Microplastics Advanced Research and Innovation Initiative (MARII)

MARII is a platform launched by ICCA to facilitate the global exchange of information on microplastics research projects and related scientific conferences and activities. MARII is envisioned as a roundtable to help bring together scientists from industry, academia, research institutions, and other venues from across the globe to:

  • Exchange information about current and recently completed microplastic research, emerging test methods, and technologies; and
  • Convene meetings and conferences to collectively discuss, examine, and evaluate current research and initiatives.
  • Develop collaborations and leverage resources to develop data to inform the risk assessment of microplastics.


A Global Platform for Scientific Exchange

Addressing the impact of microplastics will require a global approach, linking industry, academia, and others to solve problems and offer innovative solutions.

MARII held a two-day workshop in Seattle, WA, USA attended by about 60 researchers from around the globe in 2023. The workshop discussed progress in the field of microplastic risk assessment and provided attendees with an update of MARII associated research projects. A summary of the workshop is available.

English Summary
Chinese Summary
MARII Presentations

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Microplastics

The ability of scientists to identify and detect microplastics has increased immensely in recent years. Their detection in the environment has increased awareness with the public and with regulators across the globe. An effort is underway to identify information needs and knowledge gaps to answer outstanding, fundamental questions about microplastics.

There are many issues facing researchers studying microplastics, many revolve around uncertainty, a lack of standardized and validated methods. These issues have resulted in an inability to draw conclusions from the current peer review literature. These issues have also been reflected in the recent WHO, NOAA, OECD reports.1,2,3,4 To solve these technical challenges, scientist from all stakeholder groups are being called to collaborate and work together to generate this critical information and consistency of observed exposures and effects. Developing a risk-based approach is ultimately necessary to accurately evaluate the potential impacts of microplastics on the environment and will require frequent communication across the global science community.

Advancing Microplastics Research

Cefic, JCIA, ACC and PlasticsEurope have each launched microplastic research programs. Through MARII, information on these research activities and specific research projects will be shared with the broader scientific community.

ICCA, through the regional research programs of Cefic, JCIA, ACC and PlasticsEurope, will support complementary areas of microplastics research to address any critical knowledge gaps.

ICCA supports global research programs that develop and apply real-world, science-based approaches and test methods to learn more about their potential impact on the environment.