We Live in a World of an Ever-Growing Population with Increasing Demands but Limited Resources

Now – more than ever – people don’t just want sustenance. They want to know that the food we eat, the water we drink, and the products we buy are affordable, safe, and sustainable.  Chemistry plays a unique role in protecting the environment, making our world a more sustainable place, and helping people live longer, healthier lives.

We believe the safe management of chemicals throughout their lifecycle is achieved through a combination of science and risk-based regulation, and private sector initiatives that go above and beyond the requirements of regulation.

Responsible Care is the global chemical industry’s voluntary commitment to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in environmental, health, safety, and security performance.

Climate change is a global challenge that requires long-term commitment and action by every segment of society. The chemical industry and innovations in chemistry are part of the climate change solution.

ICCA helps promote awareness of and knowledge on chemical hazards, managing the risks associated with manufacturing and use of chemicals, and developing strong chemicals management programs.

Plastic makers understand the concern and recognize plastic waste is a significant problem, but we believe it is a solvable one.

Chemistry plays an essential role in driving progress across all three dimensions of sustainable development – environmental, social, and economic – and is helping to address and overcome the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

We are focused on promoting market access for life-enhancing products and technologies, restoring functionality to the rules-based trade system, and sharing chemistry solutions with the countries that need them the most.

The global chemicals and plastics industry is committed to developing the science needed to improve understanding of microplastics and their potential effects on human health and the environment.


Partners Around the Globe

ICCA is partnering with stakeholders from around the globe—from small- and mid-sized chemical companies in emerging economies, to non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations—in order to unlock solutions to society’s biggest challenges in a safe and sustainable way.

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