ICCA Trade and WTO Reform

ICCA reaffirm our support of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and a rules-based system that drives economic growth and development. It is important that we work together to strengthen the WTO to make sure it can succeed. The international chemicals industry is especially well-positioned to help drive WTO modernization as we make and trade the products that are essential to solving global challenges. ICCA’s recommendations reflect decades of practical experience in trade, innovation, and development, and can address current and future challenges both industry and WTO Members are facing.

Global Business Concepts

Trade and Environmental Sustainability

WTO modernization should address three key areas for progress:

  1. Identifying Practical and Productive Areas of Engagement in WTO Discussions on Trade and Environmental Sustainability
  2. Promoting Deployment of Environmental Solutions
  3. Delivering Environmental and Sustainable Benefits in Other WTO Discussions
container vessel during discharging industrial port

ICCA Letter to WTO

Recently, ICCA Council Secretary Chris Jahn sent a letter to the Director-General of the World Trade Organization about our recent paper on Trade and Sustainable Development. This paper represents further progress from our 2021 ICCA paper on WTO modernization and suggests specific areas of opportunity to position trade as an enabler of sustainable development.

ICCA Letter to WTO Director General-060123