JCIA establishes visions for contributions to Sustainable Development Goals

The Japanese chemical industry has created three guiding principles to support member companies in their efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Known as ‘visions’ the principles integrate industry’s social responsibility initiatives such as CSR and Responsible Care® with its actions to drive economic growth such as innovation and global business expansion.

Vision One: We create innovation through the power of chemistry and contribute to the healthy and abundant life of people, focuses on the industry’s role as a solution provider in realizing a sustainable society.  It encourages members to work with the value chain as well as with government and academia in delivering a SuperSmart society and to move towards production processes that conserve maximum energy and resources and aim for zero emissions.

Vision Two: We support worldwide initiatives for solving environmental and safety issues, drives the industry to use its experience in the area of environment and safety to support companies and associations in other markets, promoting the concept of Responsible Care® and communicating on the proper use of chemical products worldwide.

Vision Three: We promote the contribution of the chemical industry through dialogue with stakeholders, encourages members to communicate risk information throughout the value chain and share the value of sustainable products.  It also urges the promotion of investment in environment, society and governance through dialogue with investors and other stakeholders as to the unlimited potential of the chemical industry to contribute to sustainable development.