New video and communication package illustrating how chemicals help curb CO2 emissions now available for members

A new video and communication package illustrating the significant contribution of chemicals in curbing CO2 emissions has been created and is now available on the ICCA website.

A range of chemical-based technologies are directly fighting climate change as irreplaceable components in a range of applications from advanced building materials and batteries, renewable energy sources, and electric and high-efficiency vehicles, through to lightweight plastics.  They improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions throughout our economy.

The ICCA short animation film “Measuring how chemicals contribute to our low-carbon future” complements ICCA’s wider communication package on the quantification of emissions avoided via chemical-enabled solutions which includes:

National federations and companies are encouraged to take advantage of these new resources in their own communications outreach and to include links to the materials on their respective websites.  The video graphics and soundtrack are in English, and should National Federations wish to create other language versions, the animation files are available from the ICCA secretariat.