Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association and Croatian Chemical Industry Association Commit to Responsible Care

The Responsible Care Leadership Group (RCLG) welcomed two new national chemical associations, in Pakistan and Croatia, at its biannual meeting in March in Berlin.

Abrar Ahmed, Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association (PCMA), welcomed the RCLG’s decision and said PCMA “has achieved this milestone in a remarkably short timeframe.”

To date, 11 large Pakistani chemical companies have signed on to both the Global Charter and the Responsible Care Declaration of Support, with others expected to follow in the near future; implementation is under way at four companies, and PCMA has targeted three for independent verification by the year end. PCMA’s verification system is based on the American Chemistry Council’s RC14001 approach.

RCLG Chairman Patrick Vandenhoeke and Secretariat Debra Phillips (centre) pictured with the PCMA delegation (from left) Tahir Qadir, Executive Director; Abrar Ahmed, Vice Chairman; Iqbal Kidwai, Secretary General; and Parvez Sufi, Chairman of the Responsible Care Committee.

In terms of capacity building, the association plans workshops throughout the year covering key topics including process safety, product stewardship and self-assessment. These events will help familiarize member companies with PCMA’s 26 performance metrics and eight codes of management practices.

PCMA’s current members (70 companies) have between three and five years to sign up to Responsible Care, and it is a pre-requisite for new joiners.

The association seeks to further strengthen links with regional authorities and, in a recent press statement, PCMA Secretary General Iqbal Kidwai said “…PCMA is now in a position to discuss and get involved with the government on regulatory regimes for effective chemical management and safety and security issues along the chemical value chain.”

Confirmation for Croatia

The Croatian Chemical Industry Association (CCIA) has achieved the goals set at the November 2016 RCLG meeting that would confirm it as the 61st member of the RCLG.

Renata Florjanić, Executive Secretary of the CCIA’s Croatia Responsible Care Group (CRCG), says the association has established Guiding Principles and authorized use of the Responsible Care logo. Four companies, including two major local organizations – Chromos Agro and oil and gas supplier INA – have signed up to Responsible Care, with another three in the process of doing so.

Renata Florjanić Executive Secretary of the CCIA’s Croatia Responsible Care Group (CRCG) is congratulated by RCLG Chairman Patrick Vandenhoeke

In terms of mentoring and support, CRCG will maintain its links with Responsible Care New Zealand and also will work with ACIS, its Slovenian counterpart, to build its Responsible Care program. ACIS has a compatible approach and Responsible Care system in place, and will share its guidance.

CRGC activities for 2017-18 will include further establishing and promoting its identity, securing support from local MNEs, educating member companies about risk assessment and REACH, and reaching out to prospective partner organizations.